Say What?

I took a Tender Touch class when my second daughter was an infant. I found it to be very helpful and useful. The class was informative and the strokes were easy to remember and use at home. The simplest motions seemed to help soothe my baby and made for some sweet bonding moments.

~Christin Harrison, Mom of 2

I am a blessed mommy to two beautiful boys. Due to some unfortunate circumstances, I became a single mom halfway through my 2nd pregnancy. I discovered infant massage when my youngest was 1 month old, and the only negative thing I can say about it is that I wish I’d known about it when my oldest son was an infant!

Infant massage has given me a natural way to soothe them, and to establish a unique bonding experience. In our society today we panic the moment our babies start to fuss and we start filling them with gas drops, numbing gels and many other over-the-counter formulas to help rid them of their discomfort.

I know that in some cases those things are necessary, but infant massage is always my first go to and I’d say it gets the job done 95% of the time; from teething discomfort to relieving gas pains!

I know every mommy (and daddies, too!) can attest to those nights at 12 a.m. (or later) when baby just will NOT settle down. Infant massage has not only calmed my little guy down and helped him drift off to sleep, but it calms my tired nerves in the process and reminds me to treasure the beautiful blessing in my arms, even in the most stressful moments.

~Kelsey, single Mom of 2

With so much “disconnect” between parents and children today (much of it fueled by and a product of our info/tech driven culture), a tender and intimate God-designed and God-honoring connection with their parents is essential in the early days of a child’s life.

I believe this connection sets the stage for the child to embrace who God is and allows the Holy Spirit to work more freely in the child’s life to draw them into a love relationship with God through Jesus. As a pastor, I would surely be blessed to have the opportunity to offer this Tender Touch manual to the families in my congregation and beyond.

~Rick Fisher,  Vice-President, Blackaby Ministries International

Few people find the opportunity to blend their passions and their beliefs, but when these two combine in one life, it has a powerful impact. This combination is what you find in Essie Cade. I have had the honor of serving as Essie’s pastor and friend for 10 years. Essie’s genuine concern for people of all ages and her passion for people to experience wellness in all areas of their lives place her in a class by herself. Essie’s passion for wellness is not just something she does, it’s who she is and is refreshing to be around. Any opportunity you have to interact with Essie’s teaching will be an investment you will never regret making.

~Tom Harding, Senior Pastor, ALIVE Wesleyan Church

The infant massage class gave me tools that I still use with my two and four-year-old.  After a long day away from home, one of the things I look forward to is winding down with my little ones. After bedtime stories, I find that alternating between a gently stimulating scalp caress and a soothing back or arm massage keeps them both in bed and on track towards sweet dreams.

~Phil Turner, Dad of 6